the coolest milkshakes in all of udderland


Along with all the regular

flavours these wild taste

sensations are created in large over-flowing glass jars and are also available as takeaways.

Our udderliciously tasting milkshakes are made with 100% quality ice cream and the freshest ingredients, ensuring the coolest milkshakes in all of Udderland.

We also serve toasted sandwiches, rocket waffles, tea, coffee and cool drinks.

Located countrywide our udderliciously fresh and yummy milkshake craze is spreading across the whole of Udderland.

With over 40 flavours and a variety of toppings to choose from, Udderlicious Milkshake Bar is absolute milkshake heaven.

Our sensational flavours include Ferro Rocher, Mixed Berry, Turkish Delight, Candy Floss, Bar One Peanut Butter and Jelly Beans.